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Monday, 3 October 2011

Western Canada Fashion Week - Runway for Temna Fialka

This past week was Edmonton's Western Canada Fashion Week (WCFW).  WCFW showcases all of the local talent - fashion designers, hairstylists, and makeup artists! 

We were able to join Temna Fialka's runway show again, and in addition to other talented makeup artists, we finished her models up for her KROV 2011 Collection at the Transalta Barns.  The Fall 2011 runway makeup looks featured a darker feel - "runway gothic".  Still beautiful but strong.

Natasha Lazorovic, designer for Temna Fialka, had a different twist to her usual collection this season.  Usually she would be showcasing recycled ethical furs (collected from farmers who would have to shoot at foxes, coyotes, ferrets, and put down cows!...etc), feathers, and leathers - but this season she found small flower patterened material to highlight head pieces that she borrowed from the Ukrainian Museum.  These head pieces were 50-100 yrs old!!!

We had a mini photoshoot in the alley just before the runway!


Schmoozing with the crowd after the runway! (left - Model Eileen Rokis - MUA Ashly McKessock) (right - Model Julia Sutygina - MUA Lydia Yapp)

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