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Saturday, 7 April 2012

How to Choose a Makeup Artist

Okay, so this is probably more of a rant/plug for freelance makeup artists of the most frequent questions I get is, "Do you work for MAC?"

No.  I do not work for MAC.

This should not be a client's deciding factor of hiring a makeup artist for their event. Why?

Most makeup artists that are representing a retail brand are required to work during the weekends since malls/stores are busiest those days.  I've tried booking a makeup artist once and have them come over to do my makeup, but they could not commit because they did not know their schedule.  If your event is during the weekend and if you're trying to hire a makeup artist from a retail store, forget it.

Also, the retail makeup artist that is working for that brand, is required to "push" that brand.  Trust me, I have worked for makeup brands and sometimes it's so hard to lie to people when they ask me what the best mascara is.  When I was working as a makeup rep, I had to show them the brand of mascara that I am repping...but deep inside, I secretly know that there are better mascara brands! 

Before I was a makeup artist, I thought about getting my makeup done at the counters.  I had a friend who had no training in makeup artistry or sanitation, but was able to get a position because the store "needed to fill the position" so she got bumped into it.  Sorry friend, she is someone who I would not want using product that passerbys have used to be using on me without it being sanitized.  On the contrary, there are stores that hire makeup artists that have already been certified and gone through the training.  Those are people who I would better trust with my face...too bad most stores have horrible lighting...ewww...flourescent lights!  I had someone match me with concealer once, and when I walked out into the natural light, it was ORANGE! >.<

Hiring a freelance makeup artist is probably better since they are glorified makeup addicts...scouring the best of the best makeup products, techniques, and colors!  Too bad hiring freelancers are a lot more expensive than retail counter makeup artists, but you save a lot of time by traveling to and from locations and less stress parking, dealing with traffic...etc.  

I've been on both sides...but regardless, if hiring a makeup artist is a freelancer or retail makeup artist, make sure they have good practice in sanitation between clients, that you like their makeup work, and that you like their personality!  Having a good reputation helps as well to ensure they are reliable and professional Anything else like, where they've worked, who they work for, and even past experiences...etc...becomes irrelevant in hiring a makeup artist.