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Monday, 19 September 2011

Best Wedding Makeup Eyeshadows

I carry about 100 different eyeshadows (90) and pigments (10+) - both mainly from MAC Cosmetics and Motives Cosmetics.  Despite these many pretty colors...I tend to go back to certain colors all the time for wedding makeup.  These are the 15 MAC shadow pans, but I pried out the slot cover to fit in 22-23 shadows per pan.

Please note, if you have hooded lids or mature skin, do not use the shimmer colors for wedding photography makeup.  Other than that, contrary to what most people think, other eye shapes look amazing with shimmer inner corner, shimmer medium eyeshadows, and matte outer corners because it makes their eyes brighten up in photos!)

The ** beside the eyeshadow colors are colors that are essential colors required in everyone's makeup stash!

In my white/pink palette:
1)  **MAC White Frost (best shimmer for inner corner and brow highlight)
2)  **Motives Vanilla (a matte all over eyeshadow for yellow toned skin)
3)  **MAC Vanilla (a matte all over eyeshadow for pale skin)
4)  **MAC Dazzlelight (for a more subtle shimmer brow highlight)
5)  MAC Naked Lunch (more pinkier/peachy medium color)
6)  MAC Pink Freeze (best light pink shimmer for inner corner and sometimes on the lid)
7)  Motives Pink Gold (a pretty shimmer pink/gold medium color)

In my gold/brown palette:
1)  Motives Vintage Glam (a shimmer light gold color used near the inner corner, and on the bottom lashline for extra pretty eyes)
2)  Motives Gold Rush (people really like this gold shimmer look!)
3)  Motives Cappacino (a warm matte brown for just above the crease for an extra shadowy look)
4)  MAC Woodwinked (nice shimmer brown medium shadow color)
5)  Motives Toast (a neutral shimmer brown)
6)  **Motives Chocolight (a dark matte brown espresso type color for the outer corners)

In my purple palette:
1)  Motives Dollfaced (a very pretty shimmer light purple for middle shadow)
2)  Motives Shimmer Taupe (I thought this was the ugliest color in the world, but Stepanie uses this lots and it looks amazing in everyone's crease!)
3)  MAC Haux (romantic matte purple color)
4)  MAC Nocturnal (shimmer eggplant purple color - awesome on most skin tones!)
5)  MAC Fig 1. (matte eggplant purple color -very similar to Nocturnal)
6)  MAC Shadowy Lady (dark matte purple used on outer corner and sometimes the crease for smoky purple affect)
7)  **Motives Onyx (totally prefer this over my MAC Carbon for more color payoff -deep matte black for the outercorners or smokey eyes)
Booooo...One of my shadows broke (bottom right corner area)...What should I replace it with?

In my Grey/Green/Blue palette:
1)  Motives Stardust (a silver shimmer)
2)  Motives Gun Metal (a dark smokey shimmer grey)

I rarely use any of the green or blue shadows for weddings ^_^

What colors do you like for wedding makeup - eyeshadows?


  1. MAC Brown/Neutrals: Hand Written, Soft Brown, Rice Paper, Grain, Bamboo, Brule, Shroom.
    MAC Pinks/Peaches/Whites: Naked Lunch, Malt, Haux, Yogurt, All That Glittters, Vanilla.
    Greys: Smut, Copper Plate, Carbon.
    Bobbi Brown: Rose Gold, Grey, Blonde, Copper Sand, Rich Brown

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