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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Makeup Brush Tool Belt

A makeup brush tool belt is an absolute must for every professional makeup artist!  It helps makeup artists keep organized, it doesn't take up valuable table space (in which we put our products on), and saves time from digging through our kits for makeup tools.

Please note, I've owned brush roll-up bags and other tool belts...this is by far the best that I've used in terms of functionality and the amount I can carry.  With all my tools - It's like carrying a small baby in your pouch (like a 1 pound baby...)!

Here is a picture of mine:

I keep enough brushes for 5 people.  I also average about 9 brushes per person (e.g. foundation brush, concealer brush, eye shadow brush, blending brush, eyeliner brush, lip brush, blush brush, powder brush, and a small point brush).  So my little makeup apron carries a minimum of 45 brushes.  After I'm done with a set of brushes, I throw them into a Ziploc bag - the dirty brush does not go back into the belt!  The belt only carries clean/sanitized stuff!!!

I also keep the following in there as well:

Bottom right compartment:
- Waterproof mascara (I don't bother with buying or applying regular mascara) 
- Disposable mascara wands
- Q-tips (so handy in the tool belt to immediately wipe away a smudge before it dries)
- Lip pencils (about 5 neutral shades) and black pencil liners

Bottom left compartment:
- 2 Eyelash curlers (one regular one and one half sized one to get stubborn outer corner lashes)
- Tweezers
- Bobby pins (to pin back hair from the face)

Other compartments:
- 2 colors of eyelash glue (clear and dark tone)
- Scissors
- Orange stick (to help unstick top and bottom lashes if they get glued together)
- Brow groomer
- Spatula (you can use the back of the tweezers to scoop stuff out instead of buying a spatula - Stephanie Miniaci)
- Pencil sharpener
- 99% isopropyl alcohol spray bottle
- Business cards (I try to leave a few after every job...just throw them on a table and run!)

The tool belt carries soooo much but the only complaint about my MAC makeup brush tool belt is that it doesn't have a flap over it to keep the brushes from falling out during transport or from dust getting on it.  Glamcor and Modern Basics carries some makeup brush tool belts with a flap but they might not be able to fit as much as the MAC tool belt. 

If you're a makeup artist - go get one now!  It's a life changer!