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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Taylor Swift's Concert Covergirl Event! (Natureluxe Gloss Balm Review)

Taylor Swift came to Edmonton on August 18th and 19th - she sold out 2 concerts!  People were coming from Grande Prairie and Calgary. We were lucky enough to be able to do the Covergirl event for both her concerts!
The event was to do makeovers for Taylor Swift fans at her concert.  The event coordinators from Triple Point Interactions gave us (the makeup artists) a goal of doing 50 fans from 5:30pm to 8:30pm...
A picture of the setup...Calm before the storm...
Every fan got to take home a coupon from Covergirl and a free Natureluxe lipgloss!!!
 They provided us with disposables, spatulas, alcohol spray bottles, sanitizers, and the makeup to put on the fans.  In the first night, I did approximately 56 girls (3.2 min per girl).  In the second night, I upped it to 70 girls (2.3 min per girl).  Since this was a promotional gig, it's very important to do as many girls and spread the word while maintaining customer happiness.  
I did a lot of eyeshadows on little girls (they really liked the blue and purple eye shadows), eyeliner, and gloss.  Since we were giving away the glosses, I would apply the brand new lip gloss to their lips and then hand it to the client to keep for free!  That saved a lot of time from scraping the product out and applying it. 

At the end of the night, they let us keep the makeup...I gave most of mine away to the brand ambassadors (the photographers) and kept 3 lipglosses and 1 lipstick.  I was very impressed with the Natureluxe lip balm!   The other makeup artists were also pretty shocked at how nice it was.  

Natureluxe Lip Balm Review:  The pictures have the number and name of the lip balm/gloss and the numbers represent the number of swipes (to show buildability - is that a word? know what I mean!).  The Natureluxe lip gloss/balm has mango and shea butters in it plus SPF 15!  My lips were really soft and moisturized and I loved the slight tint to the came out sheer but it was buildable if I wanted more color.

Natureluxe Sandstone review:  I really liked the neutral color of this lip balm/gloss.  It is in the peachier range of colors and a very easy color to wear.

Natureluxe Hibiscus Review:  This one was my favorite.  It is awesome with my skintone (asian) and it has a slight berry color to it.  Although the color looks bold, it goes on very sheer and is super wearable.  You can definitely skip the lipstick with this gloss.

Natureluxe Peony Review:  This color is a like a fushia red.  This is the color that Taylor Swift wears (as per Triple Point).  Although this is just a gloss, the color payoff is amazing.  No lipstick required.  Great for an evening out.

After our makeup event was done and everyone went to go watch Taylor Swift, we closed up and I was able to sneak behind a curtain to take a picture of the concert on the last night...Here is the worst picture of Taylor Swift ever...
LOL...Stupid iPhone sucks at taking pictures.  Some of the other makeup artists stayed to watch the concert, but I left right after since I had a wedding to do at 5:30am the next day.  The lipgloss is probably not something that I would be able to carry in my kit but it's awesome for the everyday person to carry in their purse or school bag.  At only $6.50 (before the coupon) it's a pretty good deal.


  1. six fifty where? we charge 10 at rexall

  2. It was on the form they gave us! It was the suggested retail price, Aysha!

  3. It's $5.97 at Walmart!