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Thursday, 30 August 2012

MAC Airbrush Foundations VS Temptu Airbrush Foundations


After a year of researching and trying out airbrushing products, I'm finally giving in.  Too many people are asking for it.  Airbrushing is high maintenance, but it's a neat experience!

Which brings me to me to a couple of popular airbrushing foundations in which I have come across: MAC Airbrushing foundations, and Temptu Airbrushing foundations (I've heard that Temptu S/B is better than the Dinair Paramedical waterproof airbrush foundation that's why I didn't buy it).

MAC airbrush or Temptu airbrush?

MAC Pro Performance HD Airbrush Foundations - $30.00 for 50ml (or 1.7oz)
This silicone foundation gives a very dewy, skin-like finish.  It's great for high def TV, film, or beauty.  Being silicone, it sits on your skin and doesn't clog pores.  Long-lasting?  Not so much.  It probably has about 4 hrs of amazingness...and then on the 5th hour, it starts to feel like it's slipping and sliding off the skin.  Usually foundations that I have used - I could always pat down to blend out anything.  For example, if I had sun-glass marks on the bridge of my nose, I could always blend those marks away by patting them away.  However, when I patted the airbrush foundation, it changed colors on me - lighter.  It has a weird surface oxidation thing where it turns the foundation darker on the surface, but leaves the foundation underneath lighter if that makes any sense!  So I had a light finger print on my face....I'm sure it eventually oxidized back but I was shocked!  This would probably be a good foundation for dry to normal skin, but not for oily skins.

Temptu S/B Airbrush Foundation - $27.50 for (1oz) or $100 (4oz)
This is also silicone based and it leaves a very matte finish.  This has awesome staying power and is great for oily skin.  I didn't have to blot for 8 hours whereas I usually need to blot after 4 hours.  Now when I scratched the inner corner of my eye, it left a missing spot where the foundation used to be.... so I tried to pat down to blend it in.  It does not blend in at all.  So I had to walk around with a little missing spot of foundation near eye!  Sunglasses were my best friend that day!  Make sure you bring a bit of foundation or concealer just in case!

When I used both foundations, I used various different primers so the makeup would last a bit longer.  You HAVE to use primers for these.  It does make a huge difference in the brand of primers I used.  My top picks are the Benefit Porefessional ($30 for 22ml) and Too Faced Poreless Primer ($30 for 28ml and it's paraben free).  Both actually helped my skin keep more matte throughout the day (compared to the Temptu primer, Make Up For Ever primer, Sephora primer, Cover FX primer...I also have owned the MAC prep and prime but it felt like my skin was stinging for a bit so I stopped using it).  If I had to choose one, I would choose the Too Faced Poreless Primer to go with the Temptu Airbrush foundation.  You get more for Too Faced and it virtually does the same as the Benefit Porefessional.

Anyhoo, based on the high amount of requests we've been getting for airbrushing, we're going to start offering it next year!  Oh you lucky 2013 brides!

If you had any experience with airbrushing for clients or receiving airbrushing from makeup artists, let us know your story!


  1. Very nice collection. Keep it up in future also.


  2. I purchased the Belloccio Airbrush system along with 4 different foundations, a blush, and a bronzer. I am so upset with the makeup products. They are very "Tacky" feeling on the skin and you don't dare have a small itch anywhere on your face the slightest touch removes the makeup instantly! The customer service....well there is none! I emailed, called, and haven't got any reply for my questions and concerns regarding what they claim to be an "oil free" "flawless" product! I would NEVER recommend this Company or Product.