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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Makeup Artist Resume

I got a Facebook message from one of my contacts, Stacey Mullings, from A Pleasury of A-Lines of B-Lines - that one of her friends from the East coast was doing the Taylor Swift concert and they needed makeup artists in Edmonton!  I got in touch with Bobby from Triple Point Interactions...

Bobby and I communicated via emails since his company was based in the States.  Wow, a lot had to be done to be hired as a Brand Ambassador - Makeup Artist for CoverGirl.  I had to send in a make-up artist resume, a headshot, a security/background check, and sign a confidentiality form.  They also sent over a list of CovergGirl Natureluxe products to memorize and promote.  All this for $18/hr for 2 days from 4pm-9pm...but it will be an experience! 

Because I have background in business, it was really easy for me to type up a coverletter and resume for the event.  Bobby also asked me to send the event information to makeup artists that I knew.  A lot of them did not have makeup artist resumes on hand, nor even knew where to I thought I'd share mine!

I've changed some of the font to pink.  The pink font are the words that you should be substituting on your own (e.g. your name, your information, your education and experiences relating to makeup). 

The first paragraph states which job position you will be applying for.  The second paragraph states what your education for makeup entails.  The third paragraph lets the reader know what kind of experiences you have.  With technology savvy people nowadays, put your portfolio link in there so the reader can look up your work online (especially if the job is being procured through a far away location).  The fourth paragraph provides your contact information and thanks the reader for their time.  The whole point of the coverletter is to hook the reader so they will take interest in reading your resume.

 In the makeup resume, pictures are worth more than a thousand words so add that link to your portfolio!  I started with my education, then experiences.  I juiced it up by adding my achievements and collaborations.  Your resume could be one to two pages.  Don't go over 2 pages - nobody wants to read a novel.  I thought mine was already pretty darn wordy.

- List the dates in each category from the most recent to lease recent

- Make sure the education and experiences you list are makeup related (no one cares that I'm an accountant by day...*instant yawn*)

- Print out your coverletter and resume and proofread it (e.g. grammar and punctuations).  It's so much easier to mark a piece of paper rather than stare at a screen.  It's also easier to look at the white space (make sure the resume is balanced and not like 1.5 pages....fill those gaps in with spaces between paragraphs so the whole thing looks even/balanced and polished).

- Get someone else to read it.  Ask them if the coverletter and resume is good enough so that it would interest them in asking you for an interview.
Remember, the coverletter and resume is there to hook you an interview.  Being your sassy self is the other part of securing the job *snap snap*.  Remain professional and always exude like you know what you're doing.  As a makeup artist, you are a leader - leading women by helping them feel more confident.  Good luck!


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