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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Becky - New Makeup Artist :)

We are welcoming Becky Gendron to the team!  She comes with us from the Lady Venom Cosmetics School here in Edmonton and have worked on TV sets, weddings, runways, and numerous photo shoots.  She practices hygienic procedures with products and in between clients - she and wants to make you feel and look like a queen.  She'll be heading down to New York for NY Fashion Week in Feb if you want to look like a supermodel on your special event, contact her today for your 2013 event at!

Friday, 7 September 2012

Makeup Courses

Course Descriptions:

($50) Natural/Everyday Makeup (9:30am - 11:45am) - We'll be showing you how to do very natural pretty eye and face makeup perfect for work, school, and play!  You'll also learn how to put on some natural fake lashes that help you enhance the lashes.  Teacher:  Stephanie Miniaci (freelance makeup artist for 4+ years specializing in beautiful makeup with amazing blending abilities)

($50) Smokey Eye/Evening Makeup (12:00pm - 2:15pm) - Learn not to leave the house looking like you got punched in the eyes!  This course is a must for people who want to look sexy and glamorous for the evening!  We'll also be showing you how to put on fake lashes to add that extra drama!  Teacher:  Lydia Yapp (freelance makeup artist for 4+ years specializing in beauty makeup and all different types of eye shapes)

($50) Advanced (2:30pm 4:45pm) - This course is for the professionals or the person who thinks they have the basics covered!  It's for the person wanting to learn our professional tips and tricks!  Your teacher will be demoing the cut crease method - very trendy and very editorial!  Teacher:  Elizabeth Bernardin (former MAC makeup artist, freelancer for 4+ years specializing in beauty and has very strong editorial skills that belong in fashion magazines!)

($50) Eye Makeup Kit (in which we will be teaching out of):
- 88 eye shadow palette
- 7 piece brush set 
- Eyeliner (black or brown)
- Eyelash Curler
- 3 pairs of fake eyelashes (natural, smoky, advance)
- Eyelash glue (Duo)
- Tweezers with lash comb attachment

Sign up today!  Spaces are very limited!  Feel free to email if you have any questions or concerns! Sign up on our blog today! Not comfortable with PayPal? Feel free to make an appointment with us and meet us in person :)

Sign up!!!

Thursday, 30 August 2012

MAC Airbrush Foundations VS Temptu Airbrush Foundations


After a year of researching and trying out airbrushing products, I'm finally giving in.  Too many people are asking for it.  Airbrushing is high maintenance, but it's a neat experience!

Which brings me to me to a couple of popular airbrushing foundations in which I have come across: MAC Airbrushing foundations, and Temptu Airbrushing foundations (I've heard that Temptu S/B is better than the Dinair Paramedical waterproof airbrush foundation that's why I didn't buy it).

MAC airbrush or Temptu airbrush?

MAC Pro Performance HD Airbrush Foundations - $30.00 for 50ml (or 1.7oz)
This silicone foundation gives a very dewy, skin-like finish.  It's great for high def TV, film, or beauty.  Being silicone, it sits on your skin and doesn't clog pores.  Long-lasting?  Not so much.  It probably has about 4 hrs of amazingness...and then on the 5th hour, it starts to feel like it's slipping and sliding off the skin.  Usually foundations that I have used - I could always pat down to blend out anything.  For example, if I had sun-glass marks on the bridge of my nose, I could always blend those marks away by patting them away.  However, when I patted the airbrush foundation, it changed colors on me - lighter.  It has a weird surface oxidation thing where it turns the foundation darker on the surface, but leaves the foundation underneath lighter if that makes any sense!  So I had a light finger print on my face....I'm sure it eventually oxidized back but I was shocked!  This would probably be a good foundation for dry to normal skin, but not for oily skins.

Temptu S/B Airbrush Foundation - $27.50 for (1oz) or $100 (4oz)
This is also silicone based and it leaves a very matte finish.  This has awesome staying power and is great for oily skin.  I didn't have to blot for 8 hours whereas I usually need to blot after 4 hours.  Now when I scratched the inner corner of my eye, it left a missing spot where the foundation used to be.... so I tried to pat down to blend it in.  It does not blend in at all.  So I had to walk around with a little missing spot of foundation near eye!  Sunglasses were my best friend that day!  Make sure you bring a bit of foundation or concealer just in case!

When I used both foundations, I used various different primers so the makeup would last a bit longer.  You HAVE to use primers for these.  It does make a huge difference in the brand of primers I used.  My top picks are the Benefit Porefessional ($30 for 22ml) and Too Faced Poreless Primer ($30 for 28ml and it's paraben free).  Both actually helped my skin keep more matte throughout the day (compared to the Temptu primer, Make Up For Ever primer, Sephora primer, Cover FX primer...I also have owned the MAC prep and prime but it felt like my skin was stinging for a bit so I stopped using it).  If I had to choose one, I would choose the Too Faced Poreless Primer to go with the Temptu Airbrush foundation.  You get more for Too Faced and it virtually does the same as the Benefit Porefessional.

Anyhoo, based on the high amount of requests we've been getting for airbrushing, we're going to start offering it next year!  Oh you lucky 2013 brides!

If you had any experience with airbrushing for clients or receiving airbrushing from makeup artists, let us know your story!

Monday, 11 June 2012

New Team Member - Elizabeth!

Yay!  I'm excited to announce that Elizabeth has joined our Edmonton Makeup Artist team!

Elizabeth was a former MAC makeup artist, a makeup artist at The Makeup Bag, and is currently a representative for Stila Cosmetics (I love Stila)!! 

She has a great deal of experience is photoshoots, weddings, and runways...working with fabulous photographers and models.  She is very energetic and friendly and will make you look your best on you special day!  If you want a talented makeup artist and a wonderful person to be around with on your big day, Elizabeth is a definitly your girl to go to!  Here is some of her work!

I know!  She's great!  If there are any last minute brides out there, you can contact Elizabeth at!

Saturday, 7 April 2012

How to Choose a Makeup Artist

Okay, so this is probably more of a rant/plug for freelance makeup artists of the most frequent questions I get is, "Do you work for MAC?"

No.  I do not work for MAC.

This should not be a client's deciding factor of hiring a makeup artist for their event. Why?

Most makeup artists that are representing a retail brand are required to work during the weekends since malls/stores are busiest those days.  I've tried booking a makeup artist once and have them come over to do my makeup, but they could not commit because they did not know their schedule.  If your event is during the weekend and if you're trying to hire a makeup artist from a retail store, forget it.

Also, the retail makeup artist that is working for that brand, is required to "push" that brand.  Trust me, I have worked for makeup brands and sometimes it's so hard to lie to people when they ask me what the best mascara is.  When I was working as a makeup rep, I had to show them the brand of mascara that I am repping...but deep inside, I secretly know that there are better mascara brands! 

Before I was a makeup artist, I thought about getting my makeup done at the counters.  I had a friend who had no training in makeup artistry or sanitation, but was able to get a position because the store "needed to fill the position" so she got bumped into it.  Sorry friend, she is someone who I would not want using product that passerbys have used to be using on me without it being sanitized.  On the contrary, there are stores that hire makeup artists that have already been certified and gone through the training.  Those are people who I would better trust with my face...too bad most stores have horrible lighting...ewww...flourescent lights!  I had someone match me with concealer once, and when I walked out into the natural light, it was ORANGE! >.<

Hiring a freelance makeup artist is probably better since they are glorified makeup addicts...scouring the best of the best makeup products, techniques, and colors!  Too bad hiring freelancers are a lot more expensive than retail counter makeup artists, but you save a lot of time by traveling to and from locations and less stress parking, dealing with traffic...etc.  

I've been on both sides...but regardless, if hiring a makeup artist is a freelancer or retail makeup artist, make sure they have good practice in sanitation between clients, that you like their makeup work, and that you like their personality!  Having a good reputation helps as well to ensure they are reliable and professional Anything else like, where they've worked, who they work for, and even past experiences...etc...becomes irrelevant in hiring a makeup artist.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Lip Stains

Lip stains have had a bad rep for drying out the lips but the products nowadays finally don't shrivel up the lips to look like a mummy!  To have your lip color last all day (especially for weddings), try these guys out!

If you're a beginner, the Fresh Sugar tinted lip treatment is awesome - it goes on like a lip balm and is pretty sheer so it's really hard to screw up.  It has SPF 15 too!  Makeup artists can also easily scrape some product off onto their palettes so it doesn't cross contaminate and it's easy to apply.

If you're an intermediate, try the Urban Decay Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color.  I love most things made by Urban Decay because they have such a strong staying power - a must for weddings.  I just wish they had these in a more nude/neutral color instead of the pink tones.  You'll need a fat sharpener to sharpen this pencil...

Bride-to-be's should definitely pick one of these stains up.  First put your stain on, then a lipstick, then a gloss.  You won't have to worry about your lip color disappearing throughout the day to a deathly pale color because you'll always have something underneath it all.  The only thing that will destroy the stain on your lips are oily foods so plan to avoid oily foods at least till after your wedding pictures!

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Moulin Rouge Themed Event at the Shaw Conference Centre

Over the weekend, I was lucky enough to experience something other than my usual wedding/beauty makeup!

My makeup artist friend, Ella from, referred me to an actor friend of hers.  He was participating in a very extravagent event at the Shaw Conference Centre on Saturday, January 21st, 2012.
I got a hold of the event coordinator, Barbara Day, and she said she was looking for a makeup artist that could paint 3 guys into "horses".

Uhhh...wha... white horse, one black horse, and a zebra. 
With the advice from Ella, I used Kryolan Aquacolors in white and black to paint their upper body and faces with some synthetic paint brushes that I bought from Michael's craft store.  It covered their bodies pretty fast, and the faint streaks left from the brushes gave an illusion of "horse hairs".

Then, I airbrushed any remaining splotchy areas with Createx airbrush paints.  I didn't paint under their armpits because...well...who would want their pits painted with the brush and then brush the paint all over their face!  Yummy!  So I airbrushed areas like that.  These products were water-based/water soluable so it was easy to scrub off in the shower.

With the zebra (1.5hrs), I used the MAC Pro Acrylic black paint because the Kryolan water based black would mix with the white so I had to use a different base.  Note to self:  If you ever use these paints, make sure you have some sort of oil based remover.  I had to ask the Shaw Conference for a bowl of canola oil to take off the stripes!  Poor zebra.

With the white horse (1hr), I airbrushed a brown color (Temptu foundation in S/B 007) to enhance the shadows that muscles would create...then went over it with a grey (black and white Createx) to enhance it even furthur.I tried to hollow out the cheeks and temples to imitate that of a horse.  When I was snapping picts, I told him to flex!  He was like "I don't have to flex much because I already look like I am!"  bahaha

With the black horse, I airbrushed the black Createx to enhance muscles... these guys were the sweetest student drama/theatre kids...It turned out pretty well for my first horse painting experience, I thought!

After 3.5 hours, they were ready for show time!  They strapped on their horse ears (actually bike helmets that were decorated by the creative, Barbara Day).  They pulled this Cinderella-like carriage with some dancers in it around the room.  It was so cool when it lit up!