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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Moulin Rouge Themed Event at the Shaw Conference Centre

Over the weekend, I was lucky enough to experience something other than my usual wedding/beauty makeup!

My makeup artist friend, Ella from, referred me to an actor friend of hers.  He was participating in a very extravagent event at the Shaw Conference Centre on Saturday, January 21st, 2012.
I got a hold of the event coordinator, Barbara Day, and she said she was looking for a makeup artist that could paint 3 guys into "horses".

Uhhh...wha... white horse, one black horse, and a zebra. 
With the advice from Ella, I used Kryolan Aquacolors in white and black to paint their upper body and faces with some synthetic paint brushes that I bought from Michael's craft store.  It covered their bodies pretty fast, and the faint streaks left from the brushes gave an illusion of "horse hairs".

Then, I airbrushed any remaining splotchy areas with Createx airbrush paints.  I didn't paint under their armpits because...well...who would want their pits painted with the brush and then brush the paint all over their face!  Yummy!  So I airbrushed areas like that.  These products were water-based/water soluable so it was easy to scrub off in the shower.

With the zebra (1.5hrs), I used the MAC Pro Acrylic black paint because the Kryolan water based black would mix with the white so I had to use a different base.  Note to self:  If you ever use these paints, make sure you have some sort of oil based remover.  I had to ask the Shaw Conference for a bowl of canola oil to take off the stripes!  Poor zebra.

With the white horse (1hr), I airbrushed a brown color (Temptu foundation in S/B 007) to enhance the shadows that muscles would create...then went over it with a grey (black and white Createx) to enhance it even furthur.I tried to hollow out the cheeks and temples to imitate that of a horse.  When I was snapping picts, I told him to flex!  He was like "I don't have to flex much because I already look like I am!"  bahaha

With the black horse, I airbrushed the black Createx to enhance muscles... these guys were the sweetest student drama/theatre kids...It turned out pretty well for my first horse painting experience, I thought!

After 3.5 hours, they were ready for show time!  They strapped on their horse ears (actually bike helmets that were decorated by the creative, Barbara Day).  They pulled this Cinderella-like carriage with some dancers in it around the room.  It was so cool when it lit up!


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