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Friday, 24 June 2011

Tips for Makeup Artists - How to Save Time on Makeup Application

Here are some time saving tips for other makeup artists - some tips I've learned from working with other makeup artists and some that I've adapted by learning my own rhythm!

HOW TO SAVE TIME ON MAKEUP APPLICATION - As you already know, time is the biggest factor working against makeup artists!  When I was chatting with one of the former contestants from Canada's Next Top Model, I asked her what was the slowest and fastest time she has gotten her makeup done by various makeup artists.  She said the slowest was 1 hour by a professional makeup artist and the fastest was 10min!  The average was about 30-40min.  Here are some ways to cut down time (great for runway makeup when you're doing like 18 models in 4 hours *sigh!*):

1)  Apply mascara on the lower lashes before applying it on the upper lashes!  After you apply your primer and eyeshadow, apply mascara on the lower lashes first.  If you do it the other way around, you waste time waiting for the upper lashes to dry (because the wet mascara on the upper lashes will hit your eyeshadow makeup and ruin everything)!

2)  Then, use whatever mascara is left on your disposable mascara wand and use your angle eyeliner brush to draw the eyeliner!  This was learned from my second teacher who have done hundreds of faces.  You can even use the liner brush to color the roots of the lashes (especially on the top of the upper lashes) where the mascara can't get to close enough - this is great for blond/light colored lashes.  This saves time from getting your pencil or scooping out gel liner product as well as the time used to sharpen and sanitize your pencil between models.

3)  Use a cream blush (only if you haven't powdered the face) and use the same cream blush as the lip color!   Scoop some product out and apply some of the cream blush on the cheeks, then use the rest and pat it onto the lips.  Not only does this follow the rule of keeping your blush and lipstick around the same tone/color, but the cream blush actually has pretty good staying power.  This was observed by working with another makeup artist - Christina Muran!  Super awesome MUA.

Alternatively, you can use lipstick as the blush by swiping a few streaks across the cheeks and blending it in and then also use the lipstick for the lips.  This was learned from the University of Makeup

4)  Apply glue to both false lashes in one hand with dark eyelash glue.  This definitely takes practice, but you basically measure the lashes to the person's eye, trim them to fit, then put one lash between your index finger and thumb, and put the other lash between your middle finger and ring finger - apply the glue and you should be able to put them on simultaneously instead of wasting time doing one lash, waiting for the glue to get tacky, apply, then the other lash, and waiting for the glue to get tacky and apply again.  All you have to do is BAM BAM put both lashes on since the glue tackiness will be tacky at the same time!

5)  Wear a digital watch!  It's so simple, it sounds stupid.  However, it saves time from digging to find your cellphone and checking out what time it is - when you can just flick your wrist and see how much time is left.  It also looks more professional than looking at your phone because people passing by might not think you're checking the time (e.g. checking text messages, missed calls, etc).

These tips don't have to be used all in one sitting.  They're just suggestions!  I only use some of these techniques with runway models...not so much with paying clients like brides and bridesmaids as some of these techniques may seem non-traditional (e.g. lipstick on the face!).  With just these simple tips, you can shave off minutes from the makeup application.  I hope you found this useful!

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