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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Behind the Scenes...

This past weekend was b to the z (busy) haha!

I had a huge project with Milton Photography on Sunday for a 7 wedding theme shoot outside in the park... I was there from 11:45am to 9:30pm.... The theme?  Disney characters!!!  Justine Milton coordinated fantastic wedding decorators, decorations, models, stylists, dresses, flowers and CAKES!  Uh, being the nerd that I am, I only took behind the scenes shots of flowers and makeup/models.  That was the photographers job!  I'm waiting on some of her amazing work!  Here are some of what Edmonton vendors have to offer:

These flowers in a teapot and sugar bowl was for the Alice in Wonderland and Mad Hatter shoot!  These were so amazingly creative - I think they were by Flowers off Whyte.  The Mad Hatter model was so funny...he told me that he and his friend went to Thailand, lived like kings for $100/day in penthouse really drunk one night and he ended up with a tattoo on his ribs and a piercing in his neck?!  Hangover 2 much?  lol.

These cupcakes were also for the Alice and Wonderland and Mad Hatter shoot...these were from Fuss Cupcakes!  I destroyed the one with the rose (made of fondant) on top...the cupcake was so good...It was also my breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the day...coupled with a handful of chips and half a can of spilt Nestea...ahhh yes, the diet of an onsite makeup artist!  If you're an MUA, granola bars and Redbulls should always be carried in your kit or purse!

 These were wonderful bouquets for Beauty and the Beast and Snow White!  Notice the apples in Snow White's bouquet?  How clever playing off the poison apple in Snow White!  So beautiful!

This is Belle's cake!  Yum!

 I think this was Sleeping Beauty's cake?  Looks so good!  The flowers are all sugar and hand crafted!

 I think this was Sleeping Beauty's bouquet...This was AMAZING...when you held it up, there was like a waterfall of flowers that hung and flowed downwards...It had little gems and it was crazy heavy.  This flower arranger really went all out on this one!

Here is Jasmin and Alladin's cake!  This would be perfect for a children's party :)

This cake was my FAVORITE!  This was for Ariel's (The Little Mermaid) shoot and the baker (Second Slices) apparently helps out the head bakers on a show called Ultimate Cake Off...and wow, is she ever talented! She hand crafted the little seahorse bride and groom, all the seashells...the coral is made out of hardened sugar...The detail was so amazing.  For the final touch, she placed a vase of water in the middle and it had little fishies in it! 

Here is a snap of our setup area!  The one decorator, Brianna from Cherish Planning, set this up all by herself in the beginning...poor girl!  The area was literally just off the park path in the bushes...The mosquitos in this area were mutant sized.  They started coming out just as the sun was setting...
The decorators setting up the magically scene for Ariel.  I wish my wedding tables could look this good...

We weathered through 2 mini wind/rain storms, one ranger telling the photographer to move the truck off the bike path, one crazy lady that accused us of being drug dealers (lol...), 2 models pulling no-shows (and that's why they'll probably never get booked again).  Hopefully I'll be able to do a follow up blog regarding the makeup for the models once Justine is done!

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