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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

More Behind the Scenes...

Yay!  Our shoot was published in the Bridal Fantasy blog ( (refer to June 7th's Behind the  The blog is called Wonderfully Lost in Wonderland and it features local vendors in the wedding industry!  The theme for this one was Alice in Wonderland and it was the second shoot out of 7 or 8 that day.

Photo by Justine Milton of Milton Photography!  The brain of this whole project!

For Alice's makeup, the photographer requested some crazy feather lashes.  I stuck on some blue polka dot feather eyelashes on Ashley while keeping the eyeshadow a light white and pink using MAC pigments...I kept it light because the lashes are super over powering anyway. 
I also stuck light blue crystal gems and white pearl gems on the side of her temples and over her eyebrows (can't see them in the pic).  I also gave her a neutral lip...but last minute I decided to stick some magenta glitter on top because we had time in between shoots.  I just mixed the glitter (Makeup Forever) with some MAC Clear lip gloss and patted on top of the lips.
 I also got to play with crazy eyelashes on the male model as well!  Bwahaha, I got to be the first to put fake eyelashes on his face and put purple lipstick on him!  The lashes were from a Halloween stash that I had and it had both top (can't see top lashes here) and bottom lashes that had tints of gold, red, and purple.  Whoops, I guess the lipstick sunk in and made the cut on his bottom lip more prominent.  Note to self...use lip primer *sigh*.  He had to remind me to take the makeup off because he didn't want to go out in public like that...(why not?!).  Good thing I had makeup remover with me...

Hahaha, I was giggling inside when they had to do this awkward?  They better not ruin their lipstick!!!  The Fuss Cupcakes were so good!  To check out more vendors, check out the Bridal Fantasy Blog!   Update:  June 24th - Oh, there is a Part 2 to their blog:

Speaking about blogs...I was contacted by a couple of local fashion bloggers, Rowena and Stacey of A Pleasury of A-Lines of B-Lines (  They were doing a segment on Becca Taylor, a local designer that focuses on sustainable clothing using eco-friendly dyes and fabrics.    

 Photos by Dannielle Oswell from DJ Photography!

Stylist Garett Paquette from Grateful Head did the hair.  The girls emailed me a couple of pictures of what they wanted for the models and they were all different.  For the first beautiful model, who works for Hollaback Alberta which focuses on street harassment stories (, I focused on more golds/peachy/bronze colors and a nudish brown lip.  Worked pretty great with the earthy wardrobe!

 Wow, these pictures are a lot better than what I took on my

The second model, I got to work with a beautiful aboriginal girl, who was sisters with the designer!  Check out the quality of photos between Dannielle's professional photos...and my crappy iPhone photo!  The model is still gorgeous regardless of which camera captured her.  I gave her rusty cinnamon shadows and a neutral berry lip color.  It looked great on her skin tone and worked great with wardrobe.
The last model had super sensitive eyes, but we got through it. She had beautiful green/hazel eyes so we played up a lot of soft neutral pinks.  Her eyes were Asian-like so I couldn't do a color in the crease...because there is no crease!  I did the gradient pinks and dark browns from inner to outer, from light to dark...check out my crappy iPhone pic to see what I mean!  I never go past 1/3 of the outer eye for dark shadows or it starts to close up the eye.

I used very natural looking criss-cross lashes on all the models, with various thickness and length depending on the model's eye shape and size.  DJ Photography is editing some more pics - can't wait to see them!

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