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Monday, 2 May 2011

Makeup Pictures Online

 I was printing off pictures for our event at Over the Top Swap this past weekend to show clients what we have on our online website portfolio.  After printing off a stack, WOW, what a difference.  What I saw online is a lot lighter than what was printed out.  The colors were so much more vibrant after printing it out on photo paper.  So that got me thinking...what do clients (such as brides) look at in makeup artists' portfolios?

Hmm...unfortunately, I won't be able to show you the difference since this blog is online...duh... but here is a picture that was all about color and I had piled the colors on the model.  The model, Dacey, wanted a candy colored type of makeup for her candy inspired shoot.  She met the photographer at the Art Gallery and then sent the pictures to me via email.  I was kind of disappointed in the color payoff (see below).  HOWEVER, when I printed this photo off, the photo was so vibrant!  It looked awesome on printed photo.  Photo by Veronica Scallion:
So if you are looking at online portfolios/pictures and deciding who to go with, be sure to print it out to see what they really look like before you contact the makeup artists'/photographers' about their work!

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