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Saturday, 14 May 2011

MAC Magically Cool Liquid Powder Review

I haven't bought from MAC in a long when they came out with the MAC Magically Cool Liquid Powder, I couldn't resist!  They had me at Magically Cool!

I went to MAC Kingsway and they had 3 shades:  Truth & Light, Honey Rose, and Cajun. 

I first bought the Honey Rose - a pinky rose color but I found it too pink on my skin tone and it looked like I had a slight sunburn look (I'm an NC20 by the way).  I also found that when I use the Honey Rose as a highlighter, it was just a streak of pink on the top of my cheekbones which didn't really go with the blush I was using at the time (a peachier blush).  Even if I were to use a more matchy blush, I still didn't want to look sunburnt.  I exchanged it for Truth & Light.

Truth & Light - the look - is a beige colored loose powder shimmer that comes in a sift jar.  I really hate using sift jars because I find the powder gets all over the place when tapping some of the powder out onto the lid or shaking the jar before opening the lid.  I especially hate sift jars in my kit because it shifts everywhere and when I open the lid, there's like a centimeter of powder that sifted out.  However, if you're using this personally and if it'll just sit there (and not get transported and shifted around everywhere) then the sift jar is alright.

I used it today at a shoot for Love Your Bump Maternity photo shoot with Blackbird Photography (and my teammate Stephanie!) this morning for their store promotional project.  I hope to have pictures to show in the next blog.  Looking more closely at the powder, it's actually not as shimmery as I thought it would be.  Here is a closer look:

I grabbed a blush brush and put a little bit on top of my cheekbones and also on my brow bone (to high light the high points of my face).  It feels like you're putting something wet on.  MAC says that it's formulated with "...70% water and it's used to set and enhance the look of any foundation.  Beyond sheer: light-reflecting and translucent. A virtually invisible way to add luminosity and a soft radiant glow to the skin."  This powder would feel really good in hot weather.  It feels like I misted my blush brush with water and brushed it on my skin.  I don't know if I would dust it all over my face unless I want to shimmer like Edward from Twilight but it would be a good dust on the body like the collar bone, shoulders, and even a thin strip on the legs.

I couldn't really see much of the shimmer indoors and it also toned down my blush (made my peach blush look less peachy and more skin colored).  However, when the sun hits it on the right spot outside, it shimmers like a peachy gold shimmer color.  Here is what it looks like at maximum sun-hitting shimmer against my skin tone on my arm:
This powder definitely lives up to it's name but I don't know about the price at CA$35.50 a jar for it.  MAC has other shimmers and blushes that contain shimmer in it already and in pressed powder form (not as messy).  It's also a huge jar that I doubt I'll be able to finish in awhile so I would recommend splitting some of the powder (and cost) up with some friends in separate jars (like a small bead jar or tupperware).  It's definitely worth a trip down to your nearest MAC store just to try it out.  You'll be amazed as to why a powder feels wet on your skin.

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