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Saturday, 16 April 2011

How to Prevent Zits

If you've sprouted a zit or a bunch of zits, and if you're like me, the first reaction is "WHY?!?!" 

Did you know the placement of the zit can tell you why you're breaking out?

Forehead - if you're breaking out on your forehead, it means that your hormones are acting up!  This is common for a lot of teenagers going through their puberty years.  It is also common when mother nature is about to visit us females every month (I hate you mother nature!!!).  You can reduce this by going to your doctor and asking about hormone pills.  I remember my friend getting birth control pills (estrogen pills) for her period pains, and as a side effect - it got rid of zits too!  You can also get acne pills from your dermatologist (be prepared for a drying of the skin effect).  This is pretty common for brides to be with acne. 

Cheek area - if you're breaking out in the cheek area, it's because of your diet.  Observe what you're eating...are you eating a lot of fast food or junk food?  My second teacher, Lora Bertuccio, noticed that if her clients would cut out dairy foods like cheese and milk, it would significantly reduce the zits.  I find that as soon as I eat a pack of Skittles or an Oh Henry! chocloate's over...guaranteed zit on my cheek the next couple days.  So cut out sugar too!  Up your immune system by taking vitamins...did you know they sell vitamins in the cosmetics departments in Asia?  If you're healthy on the inside, your skin will be healthy on the outside.

Chin area - if you're breaking out in the chin area, it's because of StReSsThis seems to be super common in students.  My friend started getting clusters of zits around her chin area and it was just around her exam time.  Some people have the habit of resting their chin in their hands or if you talk on the phone lots and the receiver rubs up against your chin.  All that bacteria from the hands and phone receiver = breakout!  Touching your face is a no no.

There are also other reasons why your face could be breaking out - like poor immune system, not washing your face thourough enough, or a PH what can you do to avoid breakouts?

1)  Hormone pills
2)  Watch what you eat
3)  Don't touch your face
4)  Try not to stress out?
5)  Boost your immune system (e.g. take vitamins)
6)  Wash your face thoroughly with warm water and face soap
7)  Use a toner to balance out the PH in your skin and remove any left over makeup (your skin should be slightly more acidic at a PH of 4.5. to 6.0 in order to combat bacteria so ensure your toner is more acidic than alkaline - woo, back to grade 7 science!)

Hope this was somewhat informative and feel free to comment!

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