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Friday, 8 April 2011

Wedding Season is Just Around the Corner!

Wedding season is just around the corner!  So I thought I would post up some emergency kit essentials and tips for brides on the wedding day!

Emergency Kit essentials (makeup-oriented):

- Blotting sheets!  A definite must since you want to stay shine free for the photographers all day.  Try and find some that do not have any powder on them.  Sometimes the powder will ruin your makeup by not distributing evenly and it might look like you were just doing a little something something if you blot too much around your nose area.  Haha.  You can try flicking some powder off if you accidentally bought powdered blotting papers. I would recomend Clean and Clear but it's kind of pricey at about $8 for a pack of 50.  I found some E.L.F. ones in San Francisco that worked AWESOME for only $1 for a pack of 50 and it had tree tea oils in it (helps reduce inflamation).  However, if you're in a bind, you can run to the little ladies bathroom and blot with a thin layer of toilet paper.  If they have those fancy toilet seat covers in the stall, tear a piece off and use that to blot.  It has the same consistency as blotting sheets and you can tear off extras to store in your purse while running around for the rest of the day.  Desperate times call for desperate measures!

- Lipstick/Lipgloss!  Did you know that it's near impossible for photographers to photoshop shiny lips in pictures?  They'll spend 3-4 hours (while pulling out their hair) just trying to photoshop out a tiny flake of skin off your lips!  A lipstick or a pigmented lipgloss is essential to carry around.  The lipstick will fade away from eating, drinking, lip biting, kissing...etc. so carry one around with you.  I always tell my brides to BRING STRAWS to sip their drinks to maintain the longevity of their lip color.  Try and avoid greasy food because the oil will just destroy anything on your lips.  Apply before pictures!

- Tissues and Q-tips  CRYING.  Ugh.  Before those little dew drops fall from your eyes, and you feel a little teary - try putting the cotton swab part of the Q-tip near the tear duct of your eye (place near the inner corner, just not into your eyeball please) and let the swab soak up any liquids.  Useful for eye-poo too (the white stuff in the inner corner of the eye) so you're not using your potentailly dirty hands to touch your eye area.  I prefer absorbing tears with Q-tips instead of tissues because it doesn't really disturb the under eye concealer makeup. Tissues should be carried in case you need to blow your can seperate the tissue too to blot oils from the face like discussed above...just don't blot your face with the same tissue you used to blow your nose. Ew.

Other stuff you can carry is extra eyelash glue if you're wearing fake lashes.  Break off the swab part of a Q-tip and apply the glue one side of the stick.  You can apply that one side of the stick onto any part of the fake lashes that came off (so your dry part of the stick is facing your eyelid and the glue part is gluing the fake lash band).  Should I post pictures? 

You can also carry face powders - just don't forget your face powder brush or puff.   If you have dry or normal skin, just a compact powder should do but I would recommend loose powders for oily skin...although a bit messier, the loose powder absorbs more oil.  Just make sure the loose powder is not mineral makeup...mineral makeup tends to make oily skin even more oilier (e.g. MAC Mineral Skinfinish is no good for oily skin!).

A black eyeliner (or what ever color you used for your waterline) is also pretty good to carry if you like to rim your waterline (the bottom part of the eye where the eyelashes meet the eyeball...that tiny strip of meat there).  Sometimes that extra intensity for pictures is just fabulous since the waterline eyeliner tends to fade off with time!  I would recommend getting a non-waterproof one (because the waterproof liners don't like to stick to the waterline) and one that you can mechanically twist up.  I prefer the mechanically twist up ones over regular pencils because I wouldn't want the risk of the pencil tip breaking off and having no sharpener around.

Bring a compact mirror if your face powder compact doesn't have one.  You'll also have your bridesmaids around to tell you what's off.  Running to a car and using their sunflap mirror or side mirror or rearview mirror is a good alternative if there are not washrooms around.

Throw all that in your makeup kit or a big clear Ziplock bag and you're good to go!  I hope this helps!  Feel free to comment!


  1. "Did you know that it's near impossible for photographers to photoshop shiny lips in pictures?"
    This is true.

    "They'll spend 3-4 hours (while pulling out their hair) just trying to photoshop out a tiny flake of skin off your lips!"
    This is not true. Unless the photographer is extremely anal (or suck at photoshopping). More like 3-4 minutes (while pondering why she didn't use a lip scrub and lip balm). It takes about 5 minutes, maximum, to photoshop out a flake of skin on a lip.

  2. Ah...maybe you're right. The photographer I was chatting with was telling me how hard it was photoshop the texture of lips so perhaps he was being overdramatic. Or he could have been anal...he was doing a commercial ad where faces would have been 4 feet tall/wide. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Lyds! I love the tips! Can't wait to read more from you..
    You should consider putting a counter on your page so you can see how many hits you have!